dream[t] poetry: goodbye, hello

this poem was inspired by and derived from a dream that occurred during the morning of March 2, 2023

some of us are there
to say our goodbyes/
after all these years apart, i’m still jealous,
i always wanted to be your nearest, dearest, to be your favorite,
it’s still true

you weigh all of 80 pounds, less, maybe
how much do the bones of an adult human female weigh

your hair’s gone
your long, beautiful gleaming fountain of chestnut hair, your crowning glory
all tender scalp with patchy fuzz, now
all the vanity’s gone from you
and you’ve never been more beautiful

what happened
lungs, lungs, lungs
you cough and vomit, several times
as if to prove it
i thought the treatment was working, hindsight, out of sight, 2021

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