Ƈɾօղҽ chronicles: from the inner city to the outer rural

a fotografic series of bucolia

night falls

comfrey: a mf’ing show-off

Earth tones 🌍

2023 bird house crafted from 2022 bottle/bird house/calabash gourd harvest
“who could ask for anything more?“

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a study in forsythia

one thing about Forsythia / she comes around and I get lost / against her yellow, I’m no longer me

“Forsythia” ~ Veruca Salt

April 21, 2023

waning but still beautiful forsythia
in the setting Sun’s golden light
from the kitchen window
April 19, 2023

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in the Limineen, on the threshold

"[S]he said that a [hu]man had to escape to the country to see the world whole and that [s]he wished [s]he lived in a desolate place like this where [s]he could see the [S]un go down every evening like [the] [g]od[head] made it to do." 

~ Flannery O’Connor
Deer and Bird and Frog People
in the Limineen of light and dark
as witnessed in The Great Lakes
of the North american continent
April 11, 2023