Stationed on the Crosses

The CruX: historically, continually, and invisibly stationed by, and on the crosses of, men

women, womxn, womqn, womyn and girls have been both the cross-bearers and the crucified – ever since the unnatural and unholy “conception” of the Roman Catholic Church and all its subsequent patriarchal, misogynist Christian derivatives.

Christa” – Edwina Sandys, 1975

the only, holy Trinity: maiden, mother, Ƈɾօղҽ

”As a symbol, the Crone had to be suppressed by patriarchal religions because her power ‘overruled the will even of Heavenly Father Zeus.’ She controlled the cycles of life and death. She was the Mother of God, the Nurturer of God, and, as a Crone, the Slayer of God. While Christianity retained the feminine as Virgin and Mother, it eliminated her role as Crone.”

-Marion Woodman, Dancing in the Flames, The Dark Goddess in the Transformation of Consciousness