drove past the new plasma store
they’re buying, not selling
do you need to know more?

old cars fill up the vast parking lots
that pristinely fresh concrete,
marred by oil and brake fluid spots

this is a tale-of-two-river-cities,
white kids don’t sell platelets here/
this is no college town
this place was known
for Black boys, kidnapped and drowned

this fucking joint, is it never empty/
how many times can they draw blood per person, per month/
is it just two times – or twenty?

Freedom Plasma: there’s still Black blood to be drained!
24-7 audacity and
not ONE DROP of shame

[a mint by any other name, would smell as metallic, or seem so profane?]

Black families stay siphoned
but even this act’s communal
offering their bodies, their blood,
for some food for their children
for used work boots at Goodwill

white folks, “donate” for good effect and for “good will”
see, both their lifesource and red cross donor cards are near-filled/
and by the way, “I voted”, but that sticker fell off
“I want you to know:
I punched straight “D” — but, of course!”

/ tsk, tsk: “you know, “they” blew through their child tax credit refund already!”
but thank god, The Feds made certain:
Tech banks are liquid, and crypto’s steady/

New Me.

And, most of the World,
well, at least, the entire mattering World
came together
for one brilliant night and
even part of the next morning
with a somewhat contemplative,
protracted, very long, somewhat meditative
five ENTIRE minutes squeezed in between

And, it came to pass that there
were nearly 18 continuous hours
of agreed-upon
global activism and change-making
that had not been witnessed for exactly
364.24153644 days, previously

The World’s manifesto:

Whereas, starting tomorrow, January 1
life will be better,
so much better, different, good, great even

Again, they each individually proclaimed:
starting tomorrow, January 1
life will,
might, may, could be better, so much better, different, good, great even

Ahem, that is, to be clear, not your life,
just mine.
new year, new me.
Me. Me. Me.

keep your Sun,
give me the Moon.

(inspired by mckersin: “Just helps that the world’s energy is all in agreement that we doing everything different now”)